RAN – Radio Access Networks


ORS B39/N39
  • Private 4G/5G
  • eNodeB/gNodeB
  • epc/5gc
  • 2.4kg 32W
  • 2x1W
  • N77-N79,+23 bands
  • 20,40,100 MHz
  • Built-in MCPTx

88€/month (excl. tax)



  • AMD
  • eNodeB/gNodeB
  • epc/5gc
  • CPRI 2.5Gbps/10Gbps
  • One Sector
  • Plug-and-Play
  • Edge services
  • vRAN by Amarisoft

288€/month (excl. tax)



  • Intel CPU 32core
  • CPRI 8x10Gbps
  • 12xSFP+
  • 48V PSU dry contact
  • Plug-and-play
  • Carrier-grade
  • CM FM DM
  • [3LTE20+NR100]x3

588€/month (excl. tax)


Radio Unit 4x40W

RU 4x40W
  • 4T4R
  • 3GPP KPIs
  • Split8&7.2
  • N28,N41,N77-79
  • C-RAN
  • D-RAN
  • E to E support
  • Open source NMS

288€/month (excl. tax)

Get RU 4x40W

Radio Unit 2x40W

RU 2x40W
  • 2T2R
  • 3GPP KPIs
  • Split8&7.2
  • B1,B3,B7,B20
  • C-RAN
  • D-RAN
  • E to E support
  • Open source NMS

188€/month (excl. tax)

Get RU 2x40W

Radio Unit 4x5W

RU 4x5W
  • 4T4R
  • 3GPP KPIs
  • Split8&7.2
  • B1,B7
  • C-RAN
  • D-RAN
  • E to E support
  • Open source NMS

188€/month (excl. tax)

Get RU 4x5W

Plug-and-play autonomous vRAN for private 4G/5G edge-enabled networks.


Rapid.Space provides plug-and-play 4G/5G vRAN devices that covers the use cases from tactical edge to carrier grade.

ORS is a all-in-one device that is configured automatically and can thus be used without any prior expertise in radio networks.

Multi-vendor supported BBU and RU solutions serves on quick and reliable C-RAN or D-RAN deployment with built-in autonomous end-to-end testing Network Management System.

4G and 5G

Rapid.Space RAN devices and solution support both 4G and 5G. Switching from 4G to 5G is only a matter of software configuration.

Flexible pricing model

Acquiring any Rapid.Space vRAN device with "Edge Cloud" mode, you can try the device and service at a cost-efficient price with 24 months subscription only.

To take full control of an Open Radio Station, SDK200 and SDK600 are available with 12 months hardware warranty, software upgrade (incl.Amarisoft license) and service support.


Rapid.Space ORS is powered by a single Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) cable. All you need to use Rapid.Space ORS is an AC power plug (110/220V) and an Internet gateway with RJ35 connectivity and DHCP server.  

Autonomous operation

Rapid.Space ORS can be configured as an autonomous base station combining remote radio unit (RRU), base band unit (BBU) and core network (epc/5gc) into a single, compact enclosure. Rapid.Space ORS can operate even if the Internet access or the company WAN fails.

Controlled operation

Multiple Rapid.Space ORS can be deployed on the same site. One Rapid.Space ORS can be configured as a controlling unit for another Rapid.Space ORS.

Managed operation

Rapid.Space ORS can be configured as a managed BBU or RRU connected to an existing core network (ex. Nokia) through S1 interface. This setup is ideal for extension or densification of existing 4G or 5G networks.

Hybrid operation

Autonomous, controlled and managed operation can be combined on the same site and on the same frequencies. This setup is ideal for converged networks that combine IoTs (autonomous operation), PTT (controlled operation) and mobility (managed operation).


Rapid.Space ORS supports handover between Multiple ORS either through controlled or managed operation.

Local breakout

Rapid.Space ORS supports local breakout of data connectivity in order to meet low latency or high resiliency requirements.

Edge services

Rapid.Space vRAN devices supports the deployment of local edge services through Rapid.Space SLA edge technology: IoT buffering, programmable logical controller (PLC), etc.

SimpleRAN vRAN

Rapid.Space ORS is powered by SimpleRAN virtual radio access network (vRAN) technology.

Rapid.Space SDN

Rapid.Space SDN is pre-installed in Rapid.Space vRAN devices.


Automate CDN provisioning and configuration thanks to Rapid.Space REST API. 

Open Source Hardware

The design files and BOM of the software design radio (SDR) board of Rapid.Space ORS can be found at https://lab.nexedi.com/nexedi/ors-hardware. If you wish to contribute, please request a git account to contact (at) rapid (dot) space. 

Globally immune

ORS ONE PLATFORM provide 4G/5G small-cell platform with dev SDR, Engineering support and CAD files with license to produce cost-optimised version from 250mW to 10W anywhere in the world.

EdgePOD BBU is compatible with AMD / NXP / Hygon CPU. Multi-vendor RU and BBU are supported by OSS/BSS management system to provide automated operation of C-RAN, D-RAN and edge with 3GPP KPIs anywhere in the world.